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Thai Yoga Massage

We offer Thai Yoga Massage at Manas Vienna Yoga

Our specialized Thai yoga massages are performed on a mat on the floor. We will first guide you through a series of yoga postures and gentle stretching while palming and thumbing along the body’s “sen” (energy lines) and pressure points. This relieves muscular tension, increases circulation and balances the body by unblocking and dispersing energy. You will remain passive during the manipulations, hence the nickname “passive yoga”. The treatment aims to release any energy blockages of the mind, body and soul.

After this, we will transition to a rhythmic flow of movement with aroma oils working around the marma points (acupressure points), myofascial release and various techniques to balance the body. On a physical level, muscular tension is relieved, the entire body is loosened and the metabolism and circulation are stimulated.

The focus of this treatment, however, is on the mind and soul. As it is meant to be a preventative therapy, it can give you some harmony and tranquillity as well as a chance to regenerate the often exhausted nervous system.

In general, an extremely pleasant state of relaxation and revitalization is achieved.

The first session begins with you filling up the health care questionnaire and I will ask you about the state of health, physical limitations or fears of injuries that you may have. 

You can book a 60, 90 or 120-minute session. 

Price: 72€ | 95€ | 125€