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Courtesy Policy


Our goal is to create a grounding, supportive space for as many students as possible in every single class we offer, without space going to waste unnecessarily. To do that, we have a few guidelines in place:


Many of us come to yoga to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, so please, leave all conversations outside of the yoga room. Please leave all your belongings in the lockers. Be sure you’ve placed your phone up in silent mode and locked it so the practice remains a phone-free space.


Yoga is traditionally practiced in bare feet to help us feel stability and connect directly with the earth. By removing your shoes prior to entering the yoga room, it helps to provide a clean environment in which to practice (remember Saucha!). Removing shoes upon entering the yoga room or before stepping onto your yoga mat becomes a ritual. This ritual helps to get you prepared to practice and indicates a shift in perspective.

We provide shoe racks near the studio door. Thank you in advance for respecting this policy.


Even when a yoga class appears full, you may add yourself to the waitlist. When a cancellation is made, the first name on the waitlist gets automatically added to the class. If you are signed up for notifications, you will receive an email as soon as you are moved off the waitlist. This will happen up until 1h before class. Once you are added to the class from the waitlist you become responsible for attending or canceling. If you are on a waitlist and you know that you don’t plan on coming in for class, make sure to remove yourself so you aren’t added without adequate time to make it to the studio or to cancel without penalty (less than 6 hours before class).

Doors will open 20 minutes before class starts, please make every effort to arrive as early as possible.


To ensure a safe and positive class experience for students and teachers alike, we do not allow any entry into class once the teacher has entered the studio and class has begun.