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Our Levels

Here at Manas Yoga Studio we believe that yoga is accessible to everyBODY, whether you are a yoga beginner or an advanced practitioner. If you have a body and can breathe, then you can practice yoga.

The practice of yoga takes each person in a different direction. It only requires us to act and be attentive to our actions. We begin where we are and how we are and whatever happens, happens. Since there are many ways of practicing yoga, we can start this journey based on our personal interest and gradually the interest in one path will lead to another.

The colors of the classes represent the level of difficulty and intensity of the classes in our schedule. Choose a class that speaks to you most.

Level 1 - 2

Classes within this level vary from entry-level strength with movements that are typically slow to moderate pace to energizing flows.

Level 2 - 3

Get sweaty with flows and strength classes designed to increase your breath, increase the pace of your movement, and challenge your endurance.

Level 3 - 4

Push your edge in classes designed to make you sweat. This intensity level moves at a fast pace to increase your heart rate and accelerate your breathing.


This classes are intended for kids to help improve focus, memory, self-esteem, academic performance, and group behavior, and reduce anxiety and stress.