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Thai Yoga Massage

Our specialized Thai yoga massages are performed on a mat on the floor. We will first guide you through a series of yoga postures and gentle stretching while palming and thumbing along the body’s “sen” (energy lines) and pressure points. This relieves muscular tension, increases circulation and balances the body by unblocking and dispersing energy. You will remain passive during the manipulations, hence the nickname “passive yoga”.

72€   | 60 minutes
95€   | 90 minutes
125€ | 120 minutes

Dry Cupping Therapy

Dry cupping is an ancient technique that uses cups of various sizes to suction areas of skin and muscle. This causes the tissue beneath the cup to be drawn up and swell causing increase in blood flow to affected areas. Cupping is good for overall relaxation, releases muscle tension and moves blood and Qi stagnation. When muscles and connective tissues tense or contract, blood flow diminishes, when this happens the capillaries dilate in an attempt to allow blood flow more easily. Cupping stretches the tissues up away from the body and draws in fresh blood and fluid. Tensions are released down to the deeper layers of tissue. Afterwards you will feel relaxed, healthier and more balanced.

45€ | 20 minutes
75€ | 40 minutes
95€ | 60 minutes

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a specialized massage technique that focuses on the fascia, the connective tissue surrounding muscles, bones, and organs throughout the body. This effective approach aims to release tightness and restrictions within the fascia, allowing for greater flexibility and range of motion, improved circulation, enhance recovery from injuries and operations, reduced pain and improve posture and over-all health and performance.

Slow, sustained, and gentle pressure will be used to stretch to release adhesions and promote hydration of the fascia in the affected areas. Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain, recovering from an injury, or simply seeking relief from everyday stress, our myofascial release massage is tailored to meet your specific needs.


95€ | 60 minutes


Trigger points & Myofascial Pain Treatment

Trigger points are small knots or bumps in the muscle tissue just under the skin. Most of the time, when you press on one, there is no pain or tenderness. Other times, putting pressure on a trigger point causes sensitivity or even significant pain. These usually occur following an injury or overuse. When the pain persists and worsens, even after rest and at-home therapies, it may lead to myofascial pain syndrome.

Treatment depends on your symptoms and may include exercises, stretching, massages, or dry needling into the trigger points.


95€ | 60 minutes


Yoga Teacher Apprenticeship

Yoga Teacher Apprenticeship Program – Your Coaching Program

Have you successfully completed your first yoga teacher training and are now at a loss as to what to do next? You are not the only one!

Many graduates have a profound knowledge of yoga after their training, but have difficulties in implementing this knowledge in their teaching. This is because often the trainings do not teach all the necessary skills to step into this responsible role and introduce others to this profound, millennia-old and valuable practice.

470€ | Basic Package
720€ | Intermediate Package
980€ | Advanced Package

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy simply explained is a form of comprehensive and integrative working model to address all aspects of health and well-being – both for maintaining health and resolving conditions of ill health. Traditionally, it combines Yoga and Ayurveda – my style of Yoga Therapy includes the former two, Meridian Acupressure Therapy, Myofascial Release, CBT, and Mindfulness. The basis of this model explains how six factors – diet, environment, lifestyle, Asana, Pranayama and CBT – can be used to restore balance to both body and mind.
The focus is salutogenesis, the process of becoming healthy and whole on the multiple layers of the human system.

900€ | 10 sessions
1600€ | 20 sessions

Corporate Yoga

Employee Health = Company Wealth

Here at Manas Yoga, we have a fantastic team of teachers who bring potent practices and knowledge to the body and mind of your employees in an accessible way.

We appreciate that employee engagement in wellbeing is key to a successful business – and a successful life – and the benefits of wellness practices in the office & workplace are enormous, for employer and employee.

Reduced stress and improved health equates to greater creativity and productivity. And your business becomes more attractive to progressively minded employees who feel a priceless sense of satisfaction and goodwill that their wellbeing is valued.


Class Duration: 30-55 minutes, all can be modified to suit your needs.

  • One-time Event: 300€ 
  • 2-Months Programs (per class):
    • 250€ (once a week)
    • 220€ (twice a week)
Types of Payments:

Company-sponsored: company pays 100%

Co-pay: company and individual employees split the cost

Employee-sponsored: employees pay for their classes

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