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What is Master Class?

Erika Smith Iluszko



The Manas Yoga Master Class is an advanced and in-depth yoga session that goes beyond the regular classes offered in the studio. It is designed for practitioners with a solid foundation in yoga and looking to deepen their practice, refine their skills, and explore more advanced techniques.

In this class, I feature a range of advanced practices and sequences that may not be covered in standard classes. Advanced can mean many things to different people, it could be that your asana practice is strong and that you incorporate intricate transitions like jumps throughs or jump backs. It could also mean that you have a strong and one-pointed focus whenever you meditate. Whatever advance means, is for you to figure out and decide. This is the beauty of a master class.

The master class I teach places a strong emphasis on precise alignment. Participants are guided to refine their postures to ensure they are practicing safely and effectively, avoiding potential injuries. It often incorporates more advanced breathing and cleansing techniques (Pranayama and Kriya), and meditation (Dharana/Dhyana) practices to enhance the practitioners’ ability to focus, relax, and connect with their breath and inner self.

The Manas Yoga Master Classes are designed to challenge both the physical and mental aspects of the practice. Participants are encouraged to push their boundaries, building strength, flexibility, and resilience. These classes focus on specific themes, such as inversions, hip openers, or Guna balancing. This allows participants to delve deeply into a particular aspect of their practice.

Due to the smaller class size often found in master classes, participants receive more individualized attention and adjustments from the instructor. This personalized guidance can lead to breakthroughs in alignment and technique.

Master classes are two-hour long, this extended duration allows for a more comprehensive exploration of different aspects of yoga. We may even incorporate insights into yoga philosophy and history of yoga, providing a more well-rounded understanding of the practice beyond just physical postures.

While master classes are designed for more experienced practitioners, they are often structured to accommodate participants of varying skill levels. I will provide variations and modifications to cater to different abilities.

The Manas Yoga Master Class is an opportunity for dedicated practitioners to dive deeper into their yoga practice, refine their techniques, and gain insights into the more intricate aspects of yoga. It’s a chance to learn from experienced teachers, challenge oneself, and expand both the physical and spiritual dimensions of yoga.

Join Manas Yoga’s Master Class and dive deeper into this beautiful journey of self-realization and transformation. Check out our schedule to join a class.