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Employee Health = Company Wealth

Hi, I’m Erika! I lead a fantastic team of teachers at Manas Vienna Yoga who bring potent practices and knowledge to the body and mind of your employees in an accessible way.

We appreciate that employee engagement in wellbeing is key to a successful business – and a successful life – and the benefits of wellness practices in the office & workplace are enormous, for employer and employee.

Reduced stress and improved health equates to greater creativity and productivity. And your business becomes more attractive to progressively minded employees who feel a priceless sense of satisfaction and goodwill that their wellbeing is valued. Find out more.

We find the right teacher for you, embrace the challenges that modern urban life brings and ultimately teach that what we do in our practice is also a metaphor for what we do in our life – we develop an ability to find balance, poise, stillness and understand our instincts about what we need to stay healthy.

At Manas Vienna Yoga we acknowledge that the success of your team and your business depends on the performance of its members.


Companies see:

Reduced medical and disability costs

Heightened employee productivity

Increased employee morale & loyalty

Reduced turnover

Positive company culture

Reduced absenteeism

A competitive edge in hiring

Increase efficiency, productivity & creativity

Employees see:

Reduced stress from modern-day business challenges

Increased energy levels

Improved body image

Greater happiness and a more positive attitude

Increased concentration & focus under deadline

Improved morale

Decreased anxiety and tension

Reduced muscle tension, back & chronic pain


Every session is customized for your workplace.

Classes are 30 – 55 minutes and can take place early morning, during lunch or after work.

Classes are offered at the workplace (corporate room, lunch room, empty office space, or if the weather permits and applicable, at the garden).

ll materials are provided ( yoga mats & other props)


We offer a range of practices, from gentle and meditative to therapeutic or active. Together we will determine the:

  • most appropriate offerings for your staff.
  • on-site classes, active or no sweat
  • beginners workshops
  • desk-side yoga
  • stress-management
  • headache and back-relief
  • meditation and breathing
  • custom lifestyle experiences
  • executive retreats


Class Duration: 30-55 minutes, all can be modified to suit your needs.

  • One-time Event: 200€ (3-15 persons); 250€  (16-30 persons)
  • 2-Months  Programs Per Class:
    • One-time Event: 200€ (3-15 persons); 250€ (16 -30 persons)
    • 2-Months Programs*: 150€  (once a week) ; 100€ (twice a week)
  • Company-sponsored: company pays 100%
  • Co-pay: company and individual employees split the cost
  • Employee-sponsored: employees pay for their classes

*10% Discount for programs longer that 6 months.