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Afrikan Yoga


February 24, 2024

African Yoga refers to the Egyptian philosophy of Maat, rooting back to 1350 B.C.E. Ancient Egypt was located in the Nile Valley which includes areas in today’s Ruanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, and Egypt. Practicing African Yoga can give us the experience of connecting to our ancestors, discovering our inner knowledge and supporting our rising to a daily life deeply rooted in self-confidence and serenity. 

Genevieve Mayala will be leading an Afrikan Yoga workshop, deepening our knowledge about the origins and practice of Afrikan Yoga. Oluwafemi Oladeji, Shaolin Monk and movement teacher will be leading an exclusive SAYMyOUR Shaolin Afrikan Yoga bringing his extraordinary knowledge of the body and mind to us. 

This workshop is meant as a safe space for Black people of African descent only. This is a donation-based workshop and will be held in German and English language.