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Manas Yoga Arus Night with Sufi Music

Arus Night with Sufi Music
December 17, 2023
18:00 - 20:00

According to Mevlana’s teachings, human beings are born twice, once of their mothers and the second time of their own bodies. The real birth is the second, spiritual birth. Every 17th December, the night of Mevlana’s death, thousands of people from all around the world celebrate Arus night, his ‘Wedding Day’, his reunion with his Beloved, with the Divine.

This musical genre has a special dance. “Sama dance” also known as Sufi whirling. It is a mesmerizing and spiritual form of dance rooted in the mystical tradition of Sufism. It involves graceful, circular movements where the dancers spin in a trance-like state. The Sama dance is a profound expression of devotion, inner connection, and the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. On this special night, we will listen to some mystical music. This program starts with a 30- minute duet performance of tanbur and Persian percussion instruments, followed by a 1-hour slow flow with Kieana accompanied by Iranian music and another 30-minutes of guided meditation led by Erika.