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Yoga Retreat Carinthia Manas Yoga

April 19, 2024
June 14, 2024
19:00 - 20:30

„Keep singing. It uncovers the love. The love of who we truly are.” 
– Krishna Das  

Kirtan is a traditional sound meditation from India in which we sing mantras together. Through the connection of the sounds and our own voice, we connect directly with our heart.
As part of the Bhakti Yoga tradition, Kirtan is also known as the yoga of devotion or yoga of the heart. It is a practice like physical yoga, except that we train the heart through chanting.

Kirtan does for the mind and soul what a yoga asana class does for the physical body. It is an effective way to dissolve blockages and stress through the vibrations of sound. Every verse, every harmony brings us closer to ourselves. The Sanskrit word “kirtan” (कीर्तन) means “to sing the name”; we sing names and qualities that are already within us and evoke expanded states such as joy, peace, trust, bliss, and above all wholeness, as well as a sense of togetherness.