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Calm Within at Manas Yoga

April 14, 2024
19:00 - 21:00

Immerse yourself in the unique and deeply effective combination of sound healing and Bowen bodywork.
In this special session, you will be treated with the gentle touch of the Bowen technique, which activates the body’s natural self-healing powers by gently stimulating the nervous system. With a simultaneous sound bath, this somatic treatment works through the sound space of therapeutic instruments, sounds and frequencies, to an even deeper harmonization of all levels of the body.

Bowen is a somatic body therapy that uses a precise hands-on technique to help release tension and stress, realign muscles and joints and restore the body’s natural balance. Sound Journeys can take us into deeper states of consciousness where the sounds and vibrations have the potential to recalibrate the entire body system, on a cellular and energetic level.