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Yoga Retreat Carinthia Manas Yoga

April 28, 2024

A mala contains of 108 beads plus the teacher bead. The Mala can be made of any element e.g. wood, seed, stone. Across all different spiritual traditions one practice can always be found: the continuous chanting of divine names. In the Vedic traditions this is called “mantra chanting”. Mantras are sacred vibrations, and the repetition and focus on these mantras helps us to drop from the mind to the heart.

As malas are deeply personal objects the idea of being able to craft a mala to your liking is very intriguing. For every design we need to study the basics of the craft first. And we will do just that step-by-step in this workshop.
Join me in this mala beading workshop and grow in your japa meditation practice with your very own mala.